Touring Park

Camper van facilities

Idea: For a number of years now the village, along with other areas of highland, have noticed an increase in visitor numbers. Although this brings a number of positives for highland communities, our idyllic, tourist destinations are experiencing some negative effects on things like local services, roads and the environment. This year has also thrown a virus pandemic into the mix. Problems seem to be occurring, most notably, by those “roadside camping” travelling in cars, camper vans, motor homes and caravans.  Our community has experienced this as well as those “wild camping” on foot. The Board of Director’s have been developing a Touring Park project in the hope of mitigating some of the negative impact felt in and around the village.

Aim: The Touring Park will provide designated parking spaces for motor homes, caravans and camper vans in the village to park overnight. They will include grey and black waste disposal points, litter and recycling facilities, electric plug ins, water taps, showers, 24-hour toilets, a washing up station and fire pits. To provide enough facilities, the Touring Park will cover two areas. The main site is adjacent to the Pelton Wheel in a small area of disused Smelter land. The Community Toilets will also be upgraded with facilities and have several spaces to be used as an over spill for the main site. We hope to have enough bays to provide space for up to 15 camper vans. There will also be a small area available for several tents should people enter the village with nowhere to pitch their tent.

Legacy: The sustainability of the project is important to the KCT so charges will be implemented for the use of electricity and the showers. The rest of the facilities will be free to use for all. The project will create new employment opportunities as the site will need to be cleaned and maintained. Should the income prove to be very profitable the Board would consider further community benefits.

Status: The main site is currently in its early stages of development as we are seeking 100% funding from several sources with an estimated work schedule starting in the new year. The over spill site (the community toilets) has the necessary planning permission and funding and the work should be completed by the end of the year.