Resilience & Support

Kinlochleven Community Resilience and Support

Idea:  The announcement of the global pandemic involving Covid-19 has brought the whole village together, led by local councilor Andrew Baxter, to formulate some sort of community response to potential threat Kinlochleven faces. The strength of the community, the mass of volunteers and the support for the group has been overwhelming. The KCT volunteered to help with the administration of the group (which also involves the Community Council and other community groups) as they build a network of volunteers, aid, and information to support the community. Following on from this the KCT has been offered funding from the Supporting Communities Fund, administered by HIE, to coordinate the relief effort for the next six months.

Aim: The projects aim is to support the community in its response to the Covid-19, lockdown and any other factors that may result from the pandemic. We have been able to use the funding to provide an employment opportunity for someone in the village and increase the hours of our current staff to run this project efficiently without negatively affecting our other priorities.

Legacy: The resilience and recovery project in the second phase of the organisations attempts to offer support to our community through the pandemic. The first six months (phase one) saw the partnership working with the whole community including local councilors, organisations and residents. The KCT received funding to coordinate this and we now have the networks set up, volunteers, communications and the skills and experience to develop phase two. The resilience and recovery project will focus on improving the mental, physical health and well being of the residents of Kinlochleven, especially those that are isolated or vulnerable.

 Status: This project is active until March 2021, subject to funding.