Green Spaces

Community Green spaces

Idea: Through community feedback and research the KCT have decided to launch a development plan for our green spaces in the village.

Aim: To improve some of the KCT’s green spaces to increase aesthetics, biodiversity, community engagement and sustainability. We will produce a Long-Term Management Plan that includes a detailed plan of the Organisations aims, intentions and milestones over the next five years which will include the following:


  • Tree management and planting
  • Fairy Walk
  • Wild Meadow areas
  • Secret Garden and food growing
  • Riverside Improvements
  • Path improvement
  • Wildlife areas
  • Invasive species control


Legacy: This project will have longevity in multiple ways. As custodians of beautiful woodland and several habitats we hope to ensure their sustainability, encourage biodiversity and local wildlife and protect the harmonic balance of the community and the environment we live in. We aim to make the community green spaces as interactive and accessible as we can by maintaining and improving the path network, supporting our volunteer workforce to continue, consider firewood initiatives, provide educational interpretation, and improve outdoor seating.

Status: The KCT are now a member of the Community Woodland Association and are in the process of commissioning them to produce a Long-Term Woodland Management Plan. This involves accessing the current condition of the woodland, tree surveying, planning and exploring potential projects to include. Once drafted it will go to the community for consultation.