Funding Request Granted from Paths for All!

The Riverside Walk is a very popular core path within the village for locals and visitors alike.  Back in May this year, KCT asked Paths for All if they’d be able to come up to Kinlochleven to show a group of our volunteers how to maintain paths. The course was a great success and our volunteers took a lot from it.

Paths for All is a charity that wants to promote everyday walking for everyone in Scotland and to make paths accessible for everyone.

Their vision is for a happier, healthier Scotland where physical activity improves quality of life and wellbeing for all.

Their aim is to significantly increase the number of people who choose to walk in Scotland – whether that’s leisure walking or active-choice walking to work, school or shops. They work to create more opportunities and better environments not just for walking, but also for cycling and other activities, to help make Scotland a more active, more prosperous, greener country.

KCT will now be receiving funding totaling £1500.00 from Paths for All to buy equipment such as strimmers, chainsaws, loppers and safety equipment for our volunteers. The volunteers will be able to use this equipment to help the upkeep of the Riverside Walk and other core paths within KCT owned land.

We are always looking for volunteers; please get in touch with the office by phone: 01855 831779 or email: