Electric Vehicle Charge Points

At the latter stages of last year, the Trust had a visit from a company that installed electric vehicle charge points. They mentioned that it was ironic that the ‘Electric Village’ didn’t have any installed and how this could potentially create good publicity for the village.

With the rise in sales of electric vehicles and the lack of electric vehicle charge points in the local area, the Trust decided to seek funding and planning permission to get the charge points installed. With the planning and funding now in place, there will be 2 charge points installed and they will be located by the Trust owned public conveniences as a good central location in the village for any passers by that need their vehicle charged up.

The Trust will have to pay a small tariff for the first year of installation. However, after this point, the Trust will be able to charge customers for their use and put these takings back into the community.

The installation of the electric vehicle charge points will be taking place the week commencing the 25th February 2019.