Become a Member

Firstly, and most importantly, becoming a member means that you can take an active part in creating a better future for the community of Kinlochleven. On a practical level membership allows you to vote on any important matters that KCT are taking forward for the community. In addition, you can vote at our AGM to elect the Directors you consider will best serve the communities needs on the Board of KCT. Indeed, if you wish to become more involved, all members can present themselves for election as a Director of the Board on an annual basis.

A really important role that KCT can perform on behalf of the community is to lobby relevant agencies about issues affecting us all. The effectiveness if this role is greatly strengthened by being able to demonstrate a high level of membership within KCT. A strong membership greatly enhances the chances of success of any grant funding applications that KCT may submit to develop projects on behalf of the community. It is vital that any such applications can clearly demonstrate strong community support.

Interested in Joining?

If you are over 18 years and are entered on the electoral role, you are eligible to become a member. (polling district of the Kinlochleven Community Council (Kinlochleven Area) and whose permanent residence is Kinlochleven). Remember the control of KCT lies entirely with its members. It is the Members who elect the Board of Directors who in turn act as the management committee for KCT. All important matters affecting the structure of the company must be referred to the members for a decision.

Data captured from the membership application should be emailed to

You can download our Membership Application form here.